Friday, July 24, 2009

Ting Galing - Xylophone

Taping Madang with his Ting Galing

Ting Galing are made from seven bars of light wood and is approximately 20-50cm long and 5-10cm wide. Normally there are two instruments are used, one plays the melody and the other accompaniment. It is also possible for two players to play the melody and the accompaniment alternately to give variation to the song.

The Ting Galing is played sitting on the bench and both hands hold two round pieces of wood as beaters. Both hands are equally active.

The music of Ting Galing is often heard during festival. Those days, our people play Ting Galing during the planting season, from the time when the fields are burned until the end of the harvest Since former times, this musical instruments has been made for playing during leisure time. It was made from dry piece of woods left over from the burning of the fields. Also, it is played to chase away pets animals (pigs, deers, monkeys, birds and others) that threaten to crops.

Today, this instruments often used to accompany dancing or singing, along with the sambe'. Our people play Christmas and New Year songs on Ting Galing during Christmas day.

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