Monday, December 10, 2012

Long House

Long House always remind me of our old settlement where our long house build with huge craving pillar, big piece of wooden floor and cravings wooden walls.  Our play ground when we were toddler was running from the other end of varendah to the other end.  Later upgrade to the ground under the huge area below the long house. Under the shade and just nice for us to play around. Our parent just monitor us from the house, that was very unique.

When come to teenage age then we started spend our time playing at the riverside, we do all kind of things. Search for wild ferns, fresh river snails and etc... we can spend all day in the clear crystal stone river. We also move around the jungle nearby to search for fruits during the fruits season. Life was just relax without worry, no pressure and move on day by day doing   same thing.

My playground was on the riverbank, playing with the sands and cook whatever my catch for the day. Otherwise I will be in the jungle built small hut just for fun!

Later after we move to new place around 1980, things start to change. We hardly see the young child hanging around the riverbank anymore. Hardly heard the teenage go in the jungle playing and spend all day around their hut anymore. The development change everything.

My parents used to be a great hunter. My adopted and biological dad have more than twenty hunting dogs at their young age. They go hunting and bring all kind of wild animals end of the day. Whatever they catch, we will share it with our neighbour. I remember my parents told me that it is no manner to let people hear you are chopping your catch without distribute a little to them. If happen they meet up with someone along their way home after hunting, they will stop and give them a little piece of the meat for FREE!  

But today, Long House to me is no longer a long house that I used to live. My parents now have to buy meat even from my neighbour if they happen to go for hunting. At their old age, they have to survive with money. Their sweas earned those days were totally forgotten by the peoples. Even the fruits at our backyard which we used to share with all the long house peoples now only can be plug when we pay for it.

Old days, we always hang around the varendah chatting with each other, but now almost all keep themselves lock in the room. I missed the old long house athmosphere, I missed those friendly elderly people. We were so poor then, but people were so united and closed to each other. Now, you wont see this anymore. 

I am preparing my mindset before heading home for Christmas, told myself not to expect much except enjoying spending time with my family and close relatives. Thanks so much to my Lord Jesus for getting through all these wonderful experiences. 

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