Thursday, April 5, 2012

Exotic and Freaking Foods

Recently we went Cameron Highlands for weekend break. Good to see the green scenery and blue mountains around. It makes me feel very much at home, not to mention my room location that night. It was right at the hill slope, facing a thick jungle that make me feel like I am spending night right in the middle of jungle.

Next day we visited most of the farms and stop for vegetables and fruits along the way. God that place really make me missed home so much. The looks of the farmers, the smell of the green jungles remind me of my village.

On our way down, we stop by the water crest farm for lunch. There our story starts when I told my colleagues about water crest. At home water crest consider unwanted grass. They grow wildly fresh and green everywhere. One of my duty during school holidays was clearing and throw all the fat water crest that grow around our drains. But here people are selling and making so much money out of it.

Then my colleague Kelvin challenge me on what are the most disgusting foods I ever eat as a native. Start to name the animals and insects one by one among those were snake, frog, grasshoppers, pupa, sago worms, scorpions and many more. After mentioned most of it our score was equally the same. I am representing the natives and he is representing the Chinese be it in Malaysia or China whatever we have eaten the Chinese do eat those foods as well. Later I mentioned that my father is a great hunter. Sometimes he caught the heavy pregnant wild boar. I do remember he took the baby from the wild boar stomach, stuff them into bamboo and cook! Taste was very nice. Kelvin and my friend Wai Wan was shocked and said…wow ! Think you have won! But later Kelvin said, Chinese do eat baby mice too. His grandpa used to drown alive baby mice in alcohol then swallow it. He describe it as the mice go through his throat, he can feel the clogged movement!! Then I said think you won!!!

Now when try to compare what we have shared, think we are equally the same. I told my girl that we stay mostly at the farm hut when I was in primary school. In the evening, my father will go around the river and catch one or two frog. That will be my meal for next day. Then her eyes go rolls and said, wow mom you are superb! Then I laughs... deep inside my heart, said I have eaten many terrible things compare to that frog little girl...

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Anonymous said...

I've eat the terrible thing like baby mice,snake and frog:D